faq - Taipei Funpass

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Taipei FunPASS usage method

A1:After completing the order, present the card to the ticket counter at each attraction for verification.
The validity period starts from the first day of use and lasts until the number of days specified on the card. The usage days must be continuous.
(For example: If you start using the unlimited pass for 3 days on January 1st at 9:00 am, the card will be valid until 23:59 on January 3rd.)

Q2:Where can I pick up the card?

A2:Please refer to this page for instructions. https://funpass.travel.taipei/where-to-pickup.html

Q3: Can I get a refund if I don’t use it up?

A3:Once the product is used, returns and refunds are not accepted.

Q4: How can I book the Yu Shan Tea Visit - Experience of Taiwanese tea tapioca milk tea?

A4:You need to make a reservation online in advance. Please enter the card external code to make a reservation in the booking system. https://exchange.welcometw.com/

Q5: How can I book the The Grand Hotel Taipei Western Secret Slide Experience?

A5:You need to make a reservation online in advance.http://bit.ly/2HzaUcI

Q6: How to use the 3 Major Shopping Districts Gift Pack?

A6:When purchasing and picking up the card, you will receive a gift pack (coupon). You can use the coupons at designated stores and get them stamped for redemption.

Q7: Notes

A7:If the card is not picked up within 10 days from the expected pick-up date, the card will be returned to the original shipping location, and a refund will be issued by customer service with a 10% handling fee (For example, if the expected pick-up date is January 5th, the card can be picked up from January 5th to January 14th, a total of 10 days).